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Sponsored by Puffin Foundation West, Ltd.



The Second Annual Puffin Collaborative Film Festival has brought together in partnership TEN dynamic Not-for-Profits who truly understand that HONOR, GRATITUDE AND SERVICE can create an indelible footprint for GOOD in Columbus. This COMMUNAL project of Puffin Foundation West was undertaken to create a COMMUNITY COALITION of friends all working for a positive planet. By COALESCING we will have increased strength. The Puffin Collaborative Film Festival Partners have each reached out to their own members and friends to be part of this CROSS POLLINATION event so that we all can share in this fantastic, unique and unprecedented opportunity to co-mingle with other COLUMBUS SONS AND DAUGHTERS who are working to slow the decline. Imagine sharing this positive energy and celebration next to a GREAT PERSON who also has a bag of organic popcorn and by just saying hello, you immediately can find common ground.